Year Round Editable Name Crafts For Every Season


Are you searching for fun crafts that support learning and look great on bulletin board? If your students LOVE seeing their names in print, these 15 simple seasonal name practice activities support learning with fun crafts and make perfect seasonal bulletin boards!


The editable crafts can be personalized so that you can program the worksheets with each child’s name! No fonts to install, no powerpoint, no google slides, just type and print!

So easy to use – simply type your student list into the form fields and generate personalized crafts for 20 different students with up to nine letters per student. Need more names? Clear the form after you have printed and enter a new set of names. Practice names and letter recognition, cutting and gluing, with a purpose!

Included with these fun crafts:

• 15 pdf files that you must download and save onto your computer. ONLY open with adobe acrobat. (It won’t work otherwise)

• Directions with 20 text fields for names, and text fields for letters in names

• 5 different crafts with directions for assembling

The editable crafts:

• Coconut Tree Cutting Skills – a must-have for every kindergarten classroom!

• Back to School Bus

• Pencil

• Chrysanthemum Flower Name Craft

• Rocking in my School Shoes

• Pumpkin Seeds

• Thanksgiving Turkey

• Christmas Tree

• Reindeer Christmas Lights

• Snowman Snowball Craft

• Valentine Candies

• St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Cereal

• Rainbow

• Easter Bunny

• Ice Cream Cone

What you will need to do/have:

• Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your computer. It must be up-to-date. You can check to see if your version is the latest by going to their website.

• Download this file and SAVE it to your computer.

• Only open this file with Adobe Reader. (You might want to make Adobe Reader your default preview program for the future). Some operating systems automatically open files with their own preview program, and this file will not work.

Add new names for new students at any time. Use in small groups, for morning work, homework and centers.

Suggestions for use:

If your students already recognize their names, and know how to write and build their names, use these as a SIGHT WORD CENTER! For instance, with the snowman craft glue the head, hat and nose to the bottom of a piece of construction paper, as in the directions. Laminate for durability. Then type in sight words instead of names, and have students build the high frequency words with the snowballs to. match the mittens. Many of the crafts easily lend themselves to sight word centers!


What is editable?

See the preview pages for a clearer look. The names and letters in the blue boxes are editable.

Can I change the clipart?

No, clipart, the titles and the text already on the worksheets cannot be changed.


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