Kindergarten Editable Name Tracing and Name Recognition Practice Coloring Pages Bundle


Searching for name tracing activities for each of your students that you can prepare in a snap and use for centers, homework or morning work? This set of 17 editable name practice, letter identification and name recognition activities are all PERSONALIZED with each students’ name (and letters if applicable).


So much less finicky than PowerPoint – the fonts you see are what you get in the pdf! Easy to use literacy centers that save you time and can easily be updated when students leave or join your classroom. Great practice for learning names, and for developing those all important fine motor skills.

You will love how easy it is to use! Simply type your student list into the form and generate the worksheets or mats for your students. No need to search and download fonts. Need sheets/mats for more students? Clear the form after you have printed and enter a new set of names.

Included with this time-saving resource:

• A zip file containing 6 pdf files that you must download and save onto your computer. ONLY open with adobe acrobat. (It won’t work otherwise)

• Directions with each activity

• Worksheets and work mats that will automatically generate the names or words you have typed into the text fields

The Activities:

• Name identification and recognition (5 different worksheets)

• Name and word matching center (use letter tiles, magnetic letters etc to make names)

• Name building (5 worksheets – students cut up letters, choose the ones that make their name, glue onto sheet and write name)

• Recognizing and identifying names in letters (5 worksheets – students trace their names and then color all the letters in their names that are scattered around the page in random order)

• Name outlines (use these to make play-dough mats, or to fill with tiny scraps of paper and tweezers, bingo daubers, q-tips and paints, markers or crayons. Lots of opportunities to develop fine motor skills whilst practicing names)

• Bonus – trace, write and identify letters worksheet.

What you will need to do/have:

• Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your computer. It must be up-to-date. You can check to see if your version is the latest by going to their website.

• Download this file and SAVE it to your computer.

• Only open this file with Adobe Reader. (You might want to make Adobe Reader your default preview program for the future). Some operating systems automatically open files with their own preview program, and this file will not work.

Add new names for new students at any time. Use in small groups, for morning work, homework and centers.


What is editable?

See the preview pages for a clearer look. The names in the blue boxes are editable. All other names on the worksheets are not editable.

Can I change the clipart?

No, clipart, the titles and the text already on the worksheets cannot be changed.


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