Holidays Around The World Crafts And Activities For Kwanzaa, St. Lucia, Hanukkah And Las Posadas


Searching for crafts and hands-on activities to enhance your teaching of winter holidays around the world? These engaging crafts for Hanukkah (Israel), Kwanzaa (USA), St. Lucia (Scandinavia) and Los Posadas (Mexico) each include a fun information booklet for students to learn about the celebrations! The lead up to winter break is stressful – make your planning easier with these engaging and fun seasonal activities!


Suggested use:

These 4 winter holiday activities are the perfect amount of celebrations to study in the window between Thanksgiving and Winter break without feeling overwhelmed. Focus on one a week and use these tasks to supplement your stories, videos and teaching of each of the festivals!

Included with these engaging holiday crafts:

Step-by-step directions with photos to make the following crafts:

• Hanukkah Menorah (Israel) – Menorah craft and booklet

• Santa Lucia Crown (Scandinavia) – crown, booklet and fun puzzle pages

• Los Posadas Poinsettia (Mexico) – Poinsettia craft, writing options, puzzle pages and booklet

• Kwanzaa Umoja Cup (USA) -Umoja unity cup craft and booklet

You will love the clear photos and step-by-step directions – project to a whiteboard or print off so that your volunteers can work with small groups – an instant holiday party craft!

Your students will love the hands-on fun and getting to take home a keepsake of their holiday learning!

Your parents and co-workers will love your holiday bulletin boards in your classroom and hallways!

What teachers are saying:

Katrina B

My students love the activities that go with each Holiday. I would recommend this bundle to anyone who is teaching holidays around the world. The readings are short and give good information, there are writing prompts that help students reflect on what they learned. Flip books are so much fun and every holiday in the bundle has one!

Brittany S

This was a great way to explain the different cultures and different ways to celebrate the holidays.

Linda E

We had so much fun with this! We will be using it every year.


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