Black History Month Crafts and Reading Passages for Dr. Mae Jemison Craft, Garrett Morgan, Ruby Bridges, Bessie Coleman and Rosa Parks


Looking for suitable Black History Month projects for your students that are more than just worksheets? This bundle of six popular Black History crafts and readers provide an engaging way for your students to learn about famous these African Americans and their important contributions to American life: George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks, Bessie Coleman, Ruby Bridges, Dr. Mae Jemison, and Garrett Morgan.


Included with each eye-catching CRAFT:

• Step-by-step directions with photographs

• Templates for all crafts that can be run directly onto paper or traced around

• Optional writing papers for each craft

The crafts are:

• Mae Jemison astronaut craft

• George Washington Carver peanut butter jar booklet

• Ruby Bridges school satchel

• Bessie Coleman Air Pilot’s License

• Garrett Morgan stoplight

• Rosa Parks Montgomery Bus craft

Included with each engaging easy reader :

• Six page information books – low prep just print, cut and staple for beginner readers that tell the story of the subjects in very simple terms. Perfect for guided reading and as a take home reader.

• A bonus two page information resource that can be used by the teacher to talk about the person. Ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard or even an overhead projector. Can also be used for guided and whole class teacher directed reading with more able kindergarteners, first graders and second graders. Also helpful for small RTI groups.

• My Black Hero recording sheet with space to write one sentence, and boxes for date of birth and death, plus a sheet with a photo of that person that can be pasted onto the recording sheet.

The easy reading passages:

• Mae Jemison

• George Washington Carver

• Ruby Bridges

• Bessie Coleman

• Garrett Morgan

• Rosa Parks

You will love that each of these projects are more than a craft. Each has a writing option on broken and solid lines, and the Mae Jemison and Garrett Morgan crafts have differentiated activities! Your students will love the hands-on projects that will get them excited about the people they are learning about and having meaningful opportunities to share what they have learned. Your co-workers, parents and administration are going to be wowed by the fabulous Black History Month bulletin board that these activities produce!


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