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Lucky Charms Craft

Looking for a ‘magically delicious’ St. Patrick’s day activity for your students? With this editable craft each child makes a personalized ‘Cereal’ box with marshmallows. Click to learn more!

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Black Pioneers You Haven't Heard of: George Crum

Potato chips may have been around since the 1820s, but it is thanks to a chef named George Speck that they became popular in America. George worked in a famous restaurant, and he got his name ‘Crum’ because one of the wealthy diners in his restaurant could not remember George’s last name.

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Black History Valentine Activity

February is such a crazy busy mont – which is why it’s my favorite teaching month! And it flies by! If you are looking for a black history/valentine craft, look no further! Read more…

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Groundhog Day header

Groundhog Activities for Your Classroom

February 2 is Groundhog Day! One of these days I want to go to Gobbler’s Knob in Punxatawney to hear the grand seer of seers make his prediction. But until then I will have to make do with our own celebrations in the classroom! Learn more about what we do here!

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