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Free Candy Cane Christmas Mouse Craft!

The holidays are such an exciting time of the year! If you are looking for a simple craft activity, that look no further. This candy cane mouse can hang by its tail as a tree decoration, or comes with labels as a gift for students to make for others.

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Name Recognition and Practice with Fun and Easy Kindergarten Activities

For pre-school and kindergarten students, the most important word in the world is their name! Name recognition, matching, tracing and coloring activities fulfill two functions – they are great practice to help students learn names AND they help to develop those all important fine motor skills. Learn more and download a FREE personalized name worksheet for your students!

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Thanksgiving arts and crafts activities heading

Turkey Trouble!

These turkey activities will have you set from now until Thanksgiving! Each activity is aligned with the curriculum so students are learning and having fun! Click to read more!

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Have you played Scoot! with your students? I was introduced to this game a couple of years ago when I was subbing for a second grade teacher, and fell in love with it! Learn more in this blog post – with a free Scoot game for you to try!

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Veterans Day

How do your students recognize veterans at your school? I like to talk about the branches of the armed services, the role that each has,

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Fire Safety Month

How do you teach fire safety and prevention month? These essential talking points the most important things you must cover. Click to learn more and to download a free firefighter helmet!

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Celebrating Birthdays in School

OK, so you probably didn’t have a hard time falling asleep last night, but if it’s a student’s birthday today, they did and they are going to be excited. And the worst thing you can do? Not be ready. And by ready, I mean saying ‘Happy Birthday, Susan!’ as soon as they enter the room, at the very least. I always told my students they looked taller, asked about their morning, and gave them a hug.

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