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Brent Sass at the Willow Restart of Iditarod 2023 Sled dog racing is a fascinating sport that combines the speed, strength, and endurance of dogs...
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Looking for something specific?

All About Me Back to School Activity

If you are tired of your usual back to school poster or writing assignment, then check out this craft activity. Engage them from day one with this craft activity where students make a ‘mini-me’ and fill in a book cover about themselves!

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Place Value for Grades 1 and 2

Place value doesn’t have to be boring. Understanding that tens and hundreds can be thought of as ‘bundles’ in base ten, that digits represent the amounts of hundreds, tens and ones, and that those digits are a simplified way of writing the expanded form of numbers does sound quite dry! And yet many of us have to begin the year by reviewing place value – after all it is the bedrock of the number system.

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Nursery Rhyme Activities

Using Nursery Rhymes at Home and in the Classroom

Listening and speaking are the foundation for reading and writing, and as teachers we know the importance of reading to children from a very young age. But just as important is hearing and learning nursery rhymes. Back in the day I learnt all my nursery rhymes bouncing around on relative’s knees, and would proudly show of my ability to ‘read’ my nursery rhyme book back to front, reciting all the nursery rhymes that are still emblazoned on my memory to this day.

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Celebration Time!

It’s a big celebration here as today marks one year since I first started blogging. It’s been quite the journey and as it nearly coincides

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