Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Ideas for Kindergarten Classrooms!


With Thanksgiving around the corner, I know how hectic it can get juggling lesson plans, keeping little ones engaged, and still creating a memorable holiday experience. So, let me share three delightful and budget-friendly Thanksgiving activities that your students will adore!

Thanksgiving Blessing Mix with Bugles

Embrace the essence of Thanksgiving with a meaningful snack mix! Our “Thanksgiving Blessing Mix” incorporates Bugles, Hershey’s Kisses, pretzels, candy corn, raisins, and sunflower seeds, each representing a cherished blessing.

  1. Bugles: Symbolizing plenty, like the cornucopia, they signify the abundance of blessings in our lives.

  2. Hershey’s Kisses: Reflecting family and sweet moments shared, they celebrate the joy of togetherness during the holiday.

  3. Pretzels: Shaped like folded arms in prayer, they remind us of gratitude’s significance and the power of prayer.

  4. Candy Corn: Mirroring the harvest, they represent the rewards of hard work and perseverance.

  5. Raisins: Encouraging us to relish life’s simple joys and savor each moment.

  6. Sunflower Seeds: Teaching patience, they remind us that good things take time to grow.

Mix these items to create a snack that sparks discussions on gratitude, reminding us of life’s blessings as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Personalized Turkey Craft

Next up, let’s dive into a craft that’s both engaging and tailored to each child’s uniqueness. This editable name craft takes the classic Thanksgiving turkey to a whole new level! With customizable name templates, this craft fosters name recognition, letter practice, and creative expression.

Imagine the excitement on your students’ faces as they see their names beautifully incorporated into adorable turkeys! The best part? It’s hassle-free for you, friend! No font hunting or size adjustments—just input the names into the editable PDF, print, and watch the magic happen.

This craft ticks all the boxes: it’s educational, promotes fine motor skills, and doubles as a delightful keepsake or bulletin board display. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to infuse Thanksgiving spirit into the classroom while meeting curriculum standards!  Click here to find out more!

Handprint Turkey Painting

Lastly, let’s get hands-on with a classic yet always-loved activity—the handprint turkey painting! Set up a painting station with different colors resembling turkey feathers. Guide your little ones to dip their hands in paint and press them onto paper, forming a turkey shape with fingers as feathers. It’s messy, colorful, and loads of fun!

Encourage creativity by letting the kids decorate their turkeys further with googly eyes, beaks, and feet. This activity not only celebrates the holiday but also allows children to explore artistry and sensory experiences.

In conclusion, these Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten are not just about fun; they weave in essential learning elements while sparking joy and celebration in the classroom. So, let’s embrace the season with creativity, gratitude, and a lot of smiles!

Still searching for the perfect Thanksgiving craft?  Checkout these Thankful Pies as a sweet alternative to the turkeys!




My name is Mandy and I’ve been creating fun crafts since I began teaching waaaaay back in 1993! If, like me, you believe that hands-on arts and crafts are essential to child development, then you’ve come to the right place!