Pumpkin Paper Craft: My Go-To Post-Spookley Activity for Young Learners


If you’re like me and you’ve been on the hunt for a captivating pumpkin-themed activity to enchant your little ones, especially after diving into the heartwarming story of Spookley The Square Pumpkin, you’re in for a treat. This pumpkin glyph craft with shapes math for kindergarten is a fabulous addition to your fall or Halloween lesson plans. This activity promises to engage your students while reinforcing their understanding of basic shapes. Let’s explore this thrilling and fun-filled project that’s bound to light up your classroom and turn learning into an absolute adventure!

Why I Swear by This Pumpkin Paper Craft

  1. Simple and Engaging Shapes: This craft focuses on the fundamentals, making it a fantastic choice for young learners. The straightforward shape pumpkins are designed to stimulate your students’ imaginations while reinforcing their grasp of fundamental shapes.

  2. Versatility: The pumpkin craft can serve as an eye-catching piece for your fall bulletin board, adding a touch of seasonal charm to your classroom decor. It’s a creative way to introduce and revisit shapes while incorporating a dash of autumn spirit into your space.

  3. Math Integration: As educators, we understand the value of integrating subjects to create a more comprehensive learning experience. This craft includes an optional glyph key, allowing us to seamlessly weave math and geometry into the project. Your students can enjoy crafting their unique pumpkins while also sharing data – a win-win math activity that’s both enjoyable and educational.

  4. Made for Little Hands: I know how important it is to provide age-appropriate crafting materials. The pieces are generously sized, ensuring that small pre-K hands can cut, glue, and decorate with ease. Say goodbye to frustrating experiences and hello to pure creative joy!

What’s Inside This Exciting Pumpkin Craft?

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find in my engaging, hands-on activity:

  1. Step-by-Step Directions: My comprehensive guide comes complete with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and helpful photos. You can either project it onto a whiteboard for the whole class to follow along or print it out for small groups, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  2. Two Different Pumpkin Templates: Choose from two distinct pumpkin templates – one wide and one tall. This variety allows your students to explore different pumpkin shapes and let their creativity run wild.

  3. Shapes Galore: I’ve included circles, triangles, and squares for eyes and noses. Encourage your students to mix and match these shapes to create unique and expressive pumpkins.

  4. Diverse Mouth Options: With two different kinds of mouths to choose from, your students can give their pumpkins a range of emotions, adding a storytelling element to the craft.

  5. Shape Recording Sheet: As a bonus, I’ve included a shape recording sheet to reinforce your students’ understanding of shapes while they create their masterpieces.

  6. Optional Glyph Key: The glyph key is available in both color and black and white. You can use it as a guide for creating your own pumpkin craft or incorporate it as a glyph to share data in a visually engaging way.

Bringing Fun and Learning Together

This pumpkin shape craft is not just another ordinary classroom activity. It’s a fantastic opportunity to blend the joy of creating with the fundamentals of math, geometry, and shapes. Your students will love every moment of it, and you’ll be delighted to witness their enthusiasm and creativity shine.

So, if you’re eager to spark your students’ imaginations and make learning a thrilling adventure, grab the craft here!  Whether it’s for a seasonal bulletin board or a math lesson that’s both fun and educational, this craft is designed to be a wonderful addition to your teaching toolkit.

Don’t wait! Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and check out the preview for a closer look. You’ll see just how exciting and valuable this seasonal activity can be in your classroom. Get ready to create memories and nurture a love for learning that your students will cherish for a lifetime!

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