Fall-tastic Pumpkin Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten Classrooms


Autumn is in the air, and that means it’s time to embrace the cozy vibes, falling leaves, and of course, pumpkins galore! In our preschool and Kindergarten classrooms we can infuse our classrooms with the spirit of the season while keeping things both fun and budget-friendly. Get ready to spice up your classroom with these pumpkin-themed activities that promise not-so-scary Halloween fun!

Pumpkin Measurement Mayhem:

Turn math time into a pumpkin party with the Pumpkin Measurement Mayhem activity! All you need are a variety of small pumpkins and some non-standard measuring tools, such as colorful cubes or even paperclips. Set up different stations around your classroom, each with a pumpkin and a measuring tool.

Invite your little learners to explore and measure the pumpkins using the provided tools. They can count how many cubes or paperclips long their pumpkins are, fostering a basic understanding of measurement concepts. To add a dose of excitement, encourage them to compare their pumpkins’ sizes and see whose pumpkin is the longest, shortest, or just right. This hands-on activity not only introduces measurement but also enhances their counting skills and understanding of relative size.

Jack-O-Lantern Paper Craft:

Let your students decorate their own paper pumpkins, and practice their names with pumpkin ‘seeds’ in this editable name craft!  So easy to use – simply type your student list into the forms and generate personalized pumpkins and seeds for 20 different students. Need more names? Clear the form after you have printed and enter a new set of names. Practice names and letter recognition, cutting and gluing, with a purposeYou can grab the craft from my TpT store here.

Pumpkin Science Spectacle:

Get ready to dive into some pumpkin-themed scientific exploration with the Pumpkin Science Spectacle! Begin by presenting your students with a variety of pumpkins of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Ask them to use their senses to observe the pumpkins—how do they feel, smell, and look? Discuss their observations as a class.

Now, it’s time for some hands-on science magic! Cut open a pumpkin to reveal its insides. Let your students explore the textures, seeds, and pulp. Take this opportunity to talk about the life cycle of a pumpkin, from seed to fruit. You can even set up a simple seed germination experiment by planting pumpkin seeds in cups and watching them sprout over time.

To add an extra layer of excitement, perform a mini pumpkin volcano experiment. Hollow out a small pumpkin and place a tablespoon of baking soda inside. Then, pour vinegar into the pumpkin, and watch as it fizzes and foams, creating a “volcanic” eruption.

This pumpkin science adventure introduces your kindergartners to sensory exploration, plant life cycles, and basic chemical reactions in a playful and engaging way. It’s a surefire way to foster their curiosity and love for science while having pumpkin-packed fun!

Make a hat with letter leaves:

Children love seeing their names in print – there is no other word more important to them than their own names!  This cute trick-or-treat hat allows your students to decorate the friendly pumpkin with leaves that spell out their own names!  Practice coloring, cutting and names in one simple hat.  Everything prints onto one page for each student – no scrabbling around looking for letters – all names are embedded onto the template.  Low prep for you at a crazy time of year and perfect for your fall party!  Get it here!

Pumpkin Picasso Art Party:

Unleash the inner artists in your students with a pumpkin Picasso art extravaganza! All you need are some small pumpkins, washable paints, brushes, and a sprinkle of imagination. Start by talking to your students about the different parts of a pumpkin—the round body, the stem, and the ribs. Encourage them to observe the pumpkins and think about the textures and colors.

Now, let them dive into the world of pumpkin painting! Whether they want to turn their pumpkin into a rainbow masterpiece, a friendly monster, or a dazzling galaxy, the choice is theirs. This activity not only taps into their creativity but also helps them develop their fine motor skills and self-expression. And the best part? You don’t need fancy supplies—a little paint and a lot of enthusiasm will do the trick!

These three pumpkin activities offer a delightful mix of learning, creativity, and cozy fun. Remember, you don’t need to break the bank to create memorable experiences for your pre-K and kindergarten students. So, dive into the pumpkin patch alphabet match, host a pumpkin Picasso art party, and embark on a pumpkin palooza storytime. With these ideas, your classroom will be a hub of not-so-scary Halloween joy!

Embrace the pumpkin spice vibes and let the fall-tastic adventures begin! Happy pumpkin-ing! 🎃🍂





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