5 Fun Comparing Numbers Activities And Math Games Perfect for Your Kindergarten Math Class


Are you ready to sprinkle some math magic into your Kindergarten class? Comparing numbers might sound serious but we can make it fun with hands-on practice and opportunities to move around. Buckle up with these five super-fun activities that will have your class comparing numbers every day!

Number Line Hopscotch – Hoppin' to Number Fun!

Who said hopscotch is just for playgrounds? Let’s bring the excitement to your math class. Grab some chalk or tape, draw a snazzy number line, and watch the magic happen. Shout out a number, and watch those feet jump right onto it! But wait, there’s more! Spice it up by saying, “Hop to a number bigger than 4!” or “Skip to a number smaller than 7!” It’s a math dance-off, and everyone’s a winner!

Hungry Alligator Game – Feedin' those Math Munchies!

Guess what? We’ve got a hungry alligator in the house, and it’s got an appetite for numbers! Craft your own snappy alligator pal and give it an appetite for “Greater than” and “Less than.” Now, here’s the fun part – load up its belly with numbered cards and let the kiddos decide which number gets the alligator’s munch of approval. It’s like a mini math cafeteria, and the alligator’s the pickiest eater!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

With any math strategy, the key to success is to practice the new concept in a variety of ways and situations.  Your students will stay on task and engaged with these practice worksheets and centers; use them for enrichment, homework and revision.  You can grab your set here.

Number Hunt and Sort – Seek and Sort for Math Treasures!

Get those number-crunching brains ready because it’s time to go on a treasure hunt! Pick your lucky numbers and let the search begin! Will you find five shiny leaves or eight colorful pebbles? After we’ve collected our loot, let’s have a sorting party to see who’s got the most and who’s got the least. Outside fresh air + moving around = success!

Games, games and games!

Got any students who enjoy playing games and want to improve their math skills without getting bored? This is the perfect solution – comparing numbers math centers! These games are great for any season and don’t feel like a drag. Quick and easy to organize – just draw a couple of number cards, use some manipulatives, and compare the numbers. Boom! Students are learning in a fun and easy way. Plus, these centers are super flexible and can be customized to suit your students’ needs. You can check out the resource here!


Hopefully you’ve found some ideas here that will help you plan your Greater Than/Less Than Comparing Numbers Unit.  Encouraging young students to compare numbers can set them up for math success. When they understand how numbers hold value and their relationship to each other, they can develop their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. This skill not only helps them with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but they can also identify patterns and relationships that can help them solve complex problems. Furthermore, these skills can be applied in everyday situations like measuring quantities and making financial decisions. Introducing number comparisons to young students is essential in building their numeracy skills, which will benefit them both inside and outside the classroom!




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