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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday in the Classroom

Martin Luther King Jr. day is observed on the third Monday of every January and is the perfect opportunity for our young students to understand that they have the ability to make the world a better place, no matter how small their actions.

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How do we celebrate birthdays? With cake! There are a lot of worksheets around, but I always like to do something hands-on and engaging with my students. With 3-5 graders, some of the projects are too cutesy, or don’t focus enough on the change that students themselves can be. That’s why I absolutely love this Birthday Cake layered booklet!

The first two pages are for students to recall facts about Dr. King. But my favorite page is the last page where students reflect on what they can do to promote equality and call out injustice when they see it.

This is such an important step in learning about Dr. King – not to think of him as a great leader way back when, just a figure in history to memorialize, but to consider his words and the impact they should have on all of our lives today. This generation of students have lived through unprecedented times, and I want them to understand that they have the power to make change.

You can find out more about this craft here.

Are you looking for a reflective activity for younger students? Check out this ‘I Have a Dream’ craft and writing activity from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Both crafts make amazing bulletin boards for Black History and for American History.

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