Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction

What are some ways of practicing with addition and subtraction that you use in your classroom? Using hands-on manipulatives are the most concrete way of showing addition and understanding that combinations of numbers equal a new total.

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Manipulatives that my students always enjoy counting with include mini erasers, beans, counters, compare bears and candy corn or popcorn (I give each student their individual bag of the latter and they are allowed to eat at the end!)

I love open-ended opportunities to add and subtract. I can use these activities in math centers and can use them more than once because the answers won’t all be the same.

This worksheet is easy to print and go – put out a set of dominoes and you have a math center instantly!

I love these giant soft (and silent dice), perfect for centers and no worries about them clacking around on the floor (most of my math centers are not in seats – it’s a great opportunity for students to spread out around the room and work with a clipboard where they want to be).

Recently I’ve been looking for new manipulatives to use with these addition and subtraction problems, and I love the variety that is out there.

I’ve been looking for some frog manipulatives for this subtraction lily pad game that is always a favorite with students. I’m having to use green bears at the moment!

These dinosaur counters make my bears seem so yesterday!

And I’ve ordered these as unicorns are the must-have mythical animal of the moment!

Have fun with your addition and subtraction unit!

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