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Name Rainbows!

I love March! It’s finally the time when we start to peek out after a dark winter and hopefully glimpse a speck of blue sky. And St. Patrick’s day embodies that with magic and beautiful rainbows!

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This rainbow cloud is the perfect way to welcome the new season with a nod to St. Patrick’s day, and to reinforce name and letter recognition!

I love a craft that is simple. To make individual clouds all I have to do is type in student names into the form fields. Print out all the clouds and rainbow strips on the colors listed.

St. Patrick's day craft

Students get to color their names in rainbow colors with markers or crayons.

Students cut up the clouds. I hand out the strips (that I had previously cut) to the students randomly (helpfully they have every students’ name on each strip) so that they can work out how to make their name with the letters, like a rainbow puzzle!

When they have organized their strips into the correct order (and you have double checked!) students get to glue their rainbow strips to the back of the cloud.

I like to give students a black sharpie to trace over their name and then to write it independently three more times! If you want to try this craft with your students, click here to grab the craft from my TeachersPayTeachers store.

If you are looking for other St. Patrick’s Day activities, be sure to check out these resources!

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