Doing your part to increase morale!


So we all know that teacher morale can be low in schools. You didn’t go into teaching for the pay, but you also didn’t go into teaching for the late night grading and data input.

But that being said, the reasons that you did become a teacher are the most important. And sometimes you will need to be the one to remind your coworkers that educating the future generation is the most exciting, rewarding and let’s face it, funny career there is!

Here are some things that I did with my coworkers that made us happy, appreciate one another, and help us to raise one another up.

Wicked Wednesday

Oh, how I loved Wednesdays in school! At the beginning of the year, all the teachers on our grade level, plus any special ed, speech, OT or counselors that we saw regularly, signed up to take turns to bring in a treat. Nothing crazy. A tray of brownies, some store bought cookies or some chips and dip. We set the treats up on a table in our hallway with a little note. It just made us smile every Wednesday.

Every day is a payday

If you have already signed up for my blog newsletter, you will already have these cute candy bar tag motivators! Let your people know that you appreciate working with them with a little treat. If you want these, sign up for the Halloween Boo’d motivators below for access to our free resource library.

No Knock Day

I can’t claim this one, but I read about it and loved the idea! Together with your co-workers choose one day of the week, every week, where you can only talk about the positive things in your classroom, in the school, and in your life. I think it’s going to take practice, but what a great opportunity to be looking for all the great things that sometimes pass us by.

Social Events

As a grade level, make time to do things out of school together. My grade made a big effort to get together monthly. Either we would go out to eat, catch a ball game or visit a brewery. Make sure that EVERYONE on your grade level is invited, not just you and your bestie. As a happily married older (ahem) teacher, I learned all about tindr and grindr from one of those nights out from a new coworker! So glad I am old!

You’ve Been Boo’d

Halloween freebie

Or hit by a snowball, or gnomed. These are just some of the fun smaller-than-secret-Santa ideas that keep people going throughout the year. Leave a candy bar or something small on a teacher desk while they are out of the room with this ‘You’ve been boo’d’ poem and directions for them to pass on the happy feeling by surprising another teacher with a little treat of their own. Spread a little seasonal cheer and put a smile on someone’s face!

You can download the poem and tags here when you sign up for our newsletter!

What are some of the things that you do with your work BFFs that keep you happy and motivated in the school year? let me know in the comments below!





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