Mother’s Day Craft


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As I write this, I know it’s not May, but I want to help you strike something off your list that will creep up on you in a couple of months:

Do you find yourself frantically pulling out your hair when you realize that it is Mother’s Day and your students haven’t grown a plant, written on a shrinky dink or made a bracelet/magnet/picture frame for their moms? Before you reach for the yarn and the every trusty box of froot loops to make those sticky necklaces, check out this craft activity. There are only five pieces to cut and glue, and in addition each child will need a packet of seeds. There are some great deals if you start shopping now (I’m typing this in early March) – my local Aldi has seeds for half price, and this multi-pack of 25 seeds is just $14.99 at Amazon (price correct as of March 2019).

Here is the link to the craft you will need for the templates to make the watering cans. The can comes with a message for mom, or a thank you message that students can personalize that they can give to other important women, caregivers and guardians in their lives.

Mother's Day Craft from Teachers Pay Teachers

Once you have downloaded the craft, cut out all the pieces on colored paper of your choosing. I love to display mine before I send them home, so I make them in early April and display them with sunshine and flowers for a bright spring themed bulletin board, and I love to use lots of different colors. Check out these posts on how to make letters and flowers.

Print out and cut apart the templates

Begin by gluing the spout to the back of the watering can and the handle to the front. You want the handle to go in between the words ‘Without you’ and ‘Mom’.

Glue the handle and spout in place

Turn the watering can over and glue the handle to the right-hand side as it is facing you. Flip it over and you have a watering can!

Glue the handle to the back of the craft so it looks like this when you flip it over

Now we need to glue the seed packet pocket in place. Turn the seed pocket over and cover just the sides and bottom edges with glue. This is the part you will need to monitor with your students to make sure you actually have a pocket that opens!

Be sure to only glue along the sides and bottom of the pocket and leave the top edge glue-free

You’ll want to leave the pockets to stick really well, so I prefer to leave them over night so that they are really secure. When you are sure your pockets are ready, gently insert a seed packet into the pocket!

When the pocket is secure, gently insert the seed packet

This is a craft activity that is not time-consuming, simple to complete and economic to produce and something that students have ownership over and moms and loved-ones are sure to cherish.

If you loved this idea, then be sure to check out these Father’s Day Flower Pot seed crafts – just as simple and cost-effective!

Father's Day seed pot craft
Father’s Day Flower Pots

To all our moms out there, happy Mother’s Day, and to you teacher moms – you are awesome!





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