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How to Make Flowers for Your Bulletin Board

I had seen these beautiful flowers on my Instagram feed from Pinterest perfect classrooms and admired them from afar, wondering where they came from. After some research I found that creative teachers were making them and not one to be outdone on a craft I set out to try them out myself. And lo and behold, they are not too difficult. I enjoyed making them far more than I did these paper fan wheels, and I think they would look amazing with the bulletin board lettering you can make from PowerPoint without a Cricut!

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You will need:


Begin by downloading the templates. The directions for running them are on the pages – you need 5 large petals, 3 medium and 3 small, plus one of each of the inner circles. Print out and cut apart, and cut the small marked slit at the base of each petal.

Roll the top of a large petal on a pencil to create a curved edge.

Place a dab of hot glue on the lower left hand side of the slit, and carefully place the other side of the slit onto the glue. The further you fold inwards, the more the petal sits up.

Repeat with all five of the large petals. Then take each of the petals and glue them to the large circle base.

Continue adding the petals until all five are glue around the edge of the base. They will overlap.

Repeat the curling and overlapping with the medium sized petals.

Glue the three medium petals onto the medium circle.

Repeat again with the three smallest petal and the smallest circle.

Glue the base of the medium size petal circle to the inside of the large petals.

Then glue the smallest petal circle base to the inside of the flower. I had to pull my middle petals out a bit to make sure I could get the smaller petals in.

Take a piece of 8.5 x 11″ paper and fold in half lengthwise.

Cut slits along the folded side from the top to the bottom, leaving a 1/4 inch border.

Open out the paper.

Turn over, and fold the opposite way.

Start at the bottom and roll up the length of the stip. Glue in place to secure.

Glue the inner stamens to the inside of the flower.

Staple to the corners of bulletin boards in groups to make a bright and cheery bulletin board!

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Happy classroom crafting!


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