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Free Candy Cane Christmas Mouse Craft!

The holidays are such an exciting time of the year!  If you are looking for a simple craft activity, then look no further.  This candy cane mouse can hang by its tail as a tree decoration, or comes with labels as a gift for students to make for others.

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You Will Need:

These mice also look really cute if you embellish them with pom-pom noses and googly eyes!

Tip: pre-cut the slits with a craft knife in the mice bodies before giving the templates to students to cut with scissors, avoiding any ripping disasters.


Cut out all the pieces.  Use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut along the two dotted lines on the mouse’s body.

Glue the pink nose to the pointed head of the mouse.

Glue the two eyes in place not too close the the edges of the mouse.

Glue the ears either side of the eyes, at a slight angle so they overhang the sides of the mouse.

Carefully push a full length candy cane through the end slit from underneath.

Continue to push the candy cane to the second slit and through to the back.

Turn the mouse over and secure the candy cane with tape.  If you are using a gift tag, tape it to cover the candy cane on the mouse’s back.

Wishing you the very best of the festive season, and a peaceful new year!


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