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Printing on Post-It Notes

Being able to print on post-it notes is such a time saver.  Spend a few minutes creating the text, copy and paste it and bingo!  You have 24 reminder notes about a field trip.  To make life even easier, I have shared a free template for you to stick your post-its on.  Download it here when you sign up to join our newsletter for free.

printing on post-its

You will need:

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Begin by downloading and printing slide number 1.

Stick your colorful post-its inside the blue lines.

I have included two freebie pages for you to use in the classroom and as a great practice run!  Turn the sheet of post-its over so that the post-its are facing down and the back of the sheet is up.  Then with the word ‘top’ facing towards the printer, slide the paper carefully into the print tray, being sure not to disturb the post-its.  Select slide number three from your downloaded PowerPoint, and print.  (Not all printers print the same way – you may have to practice first with the blank templates).  All being well, your post-its should look like this:

printing on post-its

Printing your own message

I have included two blank templates: one that you always need to keep blank and another that you can type your own reminders onto.  After you have printed the blank slide number 1 and loaded it with the post-it notes, click on the second blank slide.

Find the ‘Text Box’ icon and click on it.  Its location depends on what version of PowerPoint you have – on my dinosaur of a program (that I love and never want to update) it is under the formatting toolbar.

Use the mouse to drag a text box rectangle inside the blue post-it outline.

And begin typing!  Be sure that the message is inside the blue outline – you can use the toggle handles on the corners of the text box to resize it.

Once you have written your reminder, you can change the font style and size by selecting the font button and choosing your preferred font.

With the text box still selected, (click on it twice if it is not) toggle the Text-Up and Text-Down buttons (next to the font dropdown menu – an upper case A with arrows pointing up and down) to get your desired size.

To make multiple post-its with the same message, simple copy the text box and paste it into the next blank post-it box – repeat until all the boxes are filled.  I would only recommend loading your printer with one sheet of post-its at a time as they can sometimes get caught up and tangled.

You can have fun and drop clip art into your notes, and make them as personal as you want!  Good luck, enjoy your freebies and let me know what messages you put on your post-its in the comments below!

printing on post-its

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