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Keeping Your Bulletin Board Headings Straight

It’s definitely back to school season – I have seen so many beautiful bulletin boards in the Bulletin Board FB group!  I have been working in Mr. B’s classroom for a couple of days helping him to set up his kindergarten room for the new year, and he is not particularly interested in classroom decor so I have had free reign.  His only caveats were not to do anything with shiplap, cacti, llamas or any thing too cutesy.  He wanted bold and bright, so we went with pirates!  (You can check out our favorite pirate books in this post).

One thing that I have had to deal with over the years is my inability to not notice any headings, titles, pictures, paintings, light switches or Christmas ornaments that are ever so slightly off-kilter.  In England, we say ‘wonky’.  It’s my husband’s favorite English word.  It’s so bad that I have to shield my eyes if we are somewhere, unless I can fix it.  Word to the wise, art galleries don’t like you messing with their paintings with your husband pretending he doesn’t know you.  Even if you are being helpful.  Rude.

But it seems like maybe I’m not the only one, given all the posts I have seen on Instagram with ideas and tips to help you.  I have seen a neat trick with tape whereby you lay your letters along a yardstick and then gently put tape over them and move them carefully to a board or wall and then staple them in place.  And there is an app you can use that help that has a level.  Both are great ideas, but I am going to show you my favorite old school way to make sure your letters are straight.  And you only need three things, and a pair of hands.

You will need:

  • string or yarn, cut just slightly wider than the width of your board
  • a yard stick
  • push pins or tacks

push pins, yard stick, yarn



tie the yarn around the pin


measure on the left

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push pin in place


measure on the right


secure the yard

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one straight line

(Don’t think I haven’t noticed that my picture is wonky.  I was standing at an angle because I couldn’t get straight in front of the board.  I will have nightmares)


place letters


black staples


finished title

(The line is straight, I promise.  😰)


finished bulletin board

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