Octopus above door
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Octopus Bulletin Board or Door/Window Decoration

I am in the midst of redesigning Mr. B’s classroom.  Last week I made these fan medallions to put up on one of the bulletin boards.  A week has gone by, and I am feeling more gracious about them, maybe they weren’t as boring as I remember them being.  I might make a few more…

But right now my attention is on an over the door octopus.  What better way to enhance a pirate theme classroom than to have an underwater sea creature attach itself to a doorframe?

Be sure to check out this tutorial on how to make your own fancy bulletin board letters without the use of a cricut or sillouette!

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You will need:


Run several pages of the paper chain pages and cut apart (I used 10 pages). Put a small amount of glue on one length end and stick to the other end to make a loop.

Making a loop

Run a length of paper through the loop and secure in the same way.

Creating a chain

Continue until you have made a length of at least 10 loops. Make eight sets to make the legs.

Leg of paperchains

Glue two eyes to the lower part of the octopus head.

Octopus head and eyes

Staple one end of each leg to the bottom of the octopus head. You will need to overlap some legs so that they all fit.

Staple legs to head

Make sure all the leg lengths are untangled.

Octopus tangle

Position the octopus either on the corner or above a bulletin board, door or window.

octopus on corner door

Secure each leg (I used tape, but you may need something stronger) in place, making sure they are splayed and curved up.

Displaying the octopus

Have two of the middle legs hug the top and/or edge of the bulletin board or door.

Octopus above door

Looking for pirate themed room decor?  Look no further, my friend!

Pirate Themed Decor



Hope you have as much fun as I did making this simple Octopus.  Remember, you can get the free templates plus step by step directions here: (If you choose to download, please leave feedback – thank you!)

Free Octopus Download



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